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Sling High Wing - the newest addition to the iconic range of Sling Aircraft.

Featuring all the great Sling handling characteristics combined with the inherent stability of the classic high wing design. Added to this, all the latest modern-day design safety features, including ballistic parachute recovery system, low workload Garmin glass cockpit, efficient and powerful 141 hp Rotax 915 iS turbocharged powerplant and Airmaster Constant Speed Propeller.

The extra-large cabin features wide, easy access doors, superb 4 place ergonomics and best in class comfort and quality. The removable rear seats increase the already generous baggage area providing for a great utility platform.

An outstanding 4 place high-performance aircraft which will happily cruise long distances at 147 kts or take you and your family to your favourite backcountry destination. Available in tricycle and taildragger variants.

Sling High Wing - Beyond the mission…
Go Everywhere......Take Everything!

"The Sling High Wing design sets a new standard for Sling Aircraft. It is the culmination of many years' experience in the design, manufacture and production of the successful range of Sling Aircraft.

We have always used the best materials wherever possible in our aircraft and this is particularly true with the Sling High Wing. For the first time we have a substantial portion of the aircraft, being the centre fuselage, produced in composite fibre. This has allowed us to design an aerodynamic aircraft which is beautifully shaped, light and extremely strong.

The Sling High Wing is a modern aircraft with a perfect blend of practicality, performance and beauty. It has a large comfortable cabin with a high useable load, long range, excellent handling and built in active and passive safety features.

The Sling High Wing will cruise at 147 Knots carrying four as well as luggage in comfort while burning just 28 litres per hour (7.4 gph), giving a real range of 880 nautical miles (1,630 km).

For the first time we have a highly versatile aircraft that has a large useable cargo area. Remove the unused seats and controls quickly and easily, then fill it up with any kind of cargo. The Sling High Wing can also be flown with the doors removed for photographic work or for use as a parachute jump ship.

Having a strutless high wing aircraft means you can land almost anywhere in the outback such as alongside bushes and low fences without the worry of wing strut limitations."

Mike Blyth (Sling Aircraft Director)

Seats 4
Engine Rotax 915 IS
Horsepower 141 hp / 105 kw (turbo)
Propellor make/operation Airmaster 3 Blade, Constant speed
Main Avionics Garmin G3X EFIS
Secondary Avionics Garmin G5 EFIS
Overall Length 23ft 6in  /  7.193m
Height 8.6ft / 2.62m
Wingspan 31ft 3in  / 9.54m
Cabin Width 46in / 1.17m
Max take off weight 1 050 kg
Standard equipped empty weight 550 kg
Useful load 500 kg
Consumption at Cruise 28 Litres per hour
Capacity 52 US gal  / 199 litre
Max Speed (VNE) 155 KIAS  /  178 MPH
Cruise Speed 75% power (9 000 ft AMSL) 149 KTAS  /  169 MPH
Stall Speed – clean 55 KIAS  /     63 MPH
Stall Speed – full flaps 47 KIAS  /     54 MPH
Max Demonstrated Crosswind 15 KTAS  /    17 MPH
Take off ground roll – concrete 720 ft / 220 m
Landing distance – braked 492 ft 150 m
Rate of climb – sea level 1000 fpm
Max operating altitude 18 000 ft ASL
Range at 75%, 45 min reserve 880 nm  / 1,630 km


Standard Equipment

•  Rotax 915 iS (141hp) turbo engine
•  Airmaster 3 blade constant speed composite propellor with nickel leading edge for 915
•  New Sling High Wing speed wing
•  Sling High Wing constructed from CNC punched aircraft grade aluminium and Composite Fibre Main fuselage structure
•  Flush rivited leading edge wings and horizontal stabilizer
•  Anodised main spars, all aluminium parts Alodined and all components are primed for corrosion protection.
•  Front gear, engine mount and pedals made from 4130 steel
•  Robust main gear from uni and biax glass fibre and aircraft grade epoxy
•  Robust coil spring with needle roller bearings on front gear
•  199 Litre (52 US Gallon) wet fuel tanks in wings
•  Large electrically operated slotted flaps
•  Ailerons and elevator use pushrod controls with bearings
•  All control surfaces swivel on ball bearings
•  Balanced flight control surfaces
•  Inspection hatches at all junctions and inspection points.
•  Full dual controls - sticks, pedals, throttle and brakes
•  Matco axles, wheels and powerful hydraulic disc brakes with park brake
•  5" front wheel and 6" ply aviation tyres all round
•  Composite wheel spats on all wheels
• 1160mm (45.7") wide cockpit

•  Fixed windscreen
•  Electrically operated elevator trim tab
•  RAC stick grip with PTT and elevator trim operation buttons on LH seat stick
•  RAC stick grip with PTT button on RH seat stick
•  Circuit breakers in the instrument panel
•  Adjustable front seats - both base and back
•  Adjustable pedals
•  Leather upholstery (seats, map pockets and stick boots) and leatherite interior side panels
•  Front seats Blue Condor Memory Foam - Rear Seat 50/50 split
•  Centre console with padded armrest and small storage hatch
•  Large 0.35m³ (12 ft³) baggage compartment with rear luggage extension
•  Cabin heating and ventilation system with demister.
•  Stainless Steel exhaust
•  Direct cool air into composite airbox with large K & N air filter
•  Oil cooler and radiator for hot and cold operation
•  Standard with 2 electric fuel pumps
•  Polished aluminium prop spinner
•  Composite wingtips, wing and tail fairings, nose fairing, instrument panel top, aviation keyed master, mags, start switch

Optional Upgrade Items

The following optional upgrades can be added to your standard Sling 4 package:

Engine Options:

•  External alternator - Rotax 915iS

Radio, Transponder and ELT Options:

• Garmin GTN 650 xi (including SD Datacard, GA35 and RAMI AV-12, GAD 29) - instead of Garmin GTR 200
•  Garmin GNC 255 NAV/COM (Including AV 12L antenna) - instead of Garmin GTR 200
•  Garmin GTR 225 COM - instead of Garmin GTR 200
•  Garmin GTX 45R Mode S transponder (including Comant CI-105 antenna + GA35)
•  GNX 375 (including GA 35 GPS/WAAS & Comant CI-105 ant. + GAD29) - Instead of GTX 35R
•  Artex ELT 345

Instrumentation Options:

•  A Second Garmin G3XX EFIS (no G5 Backup)
•  A Second Garmin G3X EFIS (keeping G5 backup)
•  Garmin back-up battery 1. IBBS-12v-3ah - (single display)
•  Garmin back-up batter 2. IBBS-12v-6ah - (Dual displays)
•  Elevator trim on both sticks (full dual operation)
•  Ram mount system and gharge connection for iPad.

Paint and External Finish Options:

•  Metallic or Red paint instead of standard paint
•  Special colour paint scheme per extra colour
•  Stripes on fuselage, wings or spats per stripe
•  Complex paint jobs to be quoted on
•  Fill all centre holes of standard rivets
•  Countersinking of all forward and leading edge rivets

Interior Options:

•  Sling pedals instead of T-Bar
•  Dual toe hydraulic brakes instead of hand operated brake.

Lights and strobes Options:

•  Aveomaxx LED landing light (single) instead of standard Halogen (price for each one)

Parachute Options:

•  Magnum 601 ballistic parachute system (includes brackets and cables etc)
•  Put parachute cables and all mount brackets and skins in readiness for a parachute

Other Options:

•  Tow hook for banner or glider tow
•  Long Range Fuel Tanks
•  Mountain High Oxygen system 4-Place including installation
•  Garmin heated and regulated pitot tube - instead of unheated regular pitot tube
•  Garmin heated and NOT regulated pitot tube - instead of unheated regular pitot tube

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The Sling HW can be flown either as a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) or as a Very Light Aircraft (VLA)